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Test de Noël : parlez-vous le Redneck?

Nah thee 'ere post's na ord'n'ry one, brotha!F'get 'bout
Cal'fe'niah, ya're 'n Tennessee nah. Yap tha's right, Te-ne-ssee! 's no
matta how you 'rrived hee, ya jast 'n tha best place on 's 'ere good
Earth!Na I c'n see tha look 'n y're eyes, brotha. Su we ain't gat na
fancy lights like 'n tha Ees 'n Wes, su we're bang in th' middle o' th'
South Midwes ev'body's mak'n fan o' bu feget ol this far a mom'nt. Thee
'ere city's Memphes, bang 'n gad ol Miss'ssipi. 's ere tha tha King
made 's deybyu (see tha? Fancy French wod tha ees, yessir) 'n tha
feeftees. Yessir, tha King 'mself. Ya c'n ev'n visit 's Mansion 'n tha
Sun Studeeos war he reco'ded 's farst albam. Na so bed ey?Teez osso
'ere tha good rev'r'nd Mar'n Lutha Keen (Gad ble 'm) got 'mslef murd'd
'n 68. FedEx? - th'mail comp'ny, y' no- yessir : stat'd 'ere too. Tha
steel gat their hadqu'rters 'n tawn, righ' nex th' airp't. 'N thas a
blady many jets they own now'days.Daan'! Eev'n tha name a
th' city's storical. Fram Eegee't 'r s'mth'n la tha. Ya now, fancy
'ncient guys buld'n them Pyramids? Danna wha them founda o th' tawn
picked tha name, tho. 'S a great place t'be, maak me wod!Wha? Wha acc'nt ya tnk'n 'bat? Wee don't ha no acc'nt ere, fessuu!



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"Excusez moi, je suis pas ch'timi, je suis de la région parisienne et j'ai rien compris !" ;)

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Ah non! Ca c'est les Canadiens! ;)

Portrait de Thomas B

Au vu de la note abyssale que se mange ce poste, je suppose que la réponse à ma question est non ^^
Voici donc la transcription du billet, pour ceux que ça intéresse :

Now this (here) post is no ordinary one, brother!

Forget about California, you're in Tennessee now. Yes, that's right Te-ne-ssee! It's no matter how you arrived here, you're just in the best place on this (here) good Earth.
Now I can see that look in your eyes, brother. Sure, we [don't] have [any] fancy lights like in the East or West, sure we're bang in the middle of the South Midwest everybody is making fun of but forget this for a moment. This (here) city is Memphis, bang on good old Mississippi. It's here that the King made his debut (see that? Fancy French word, that is, yes sir!) in the fifties. Yes sir, the King himself. You can even visit his mansion and the Sun Studios where he recorded his first album. Not so bad, hey?

It is also here that good reverand Martin Luther King (God bless him) got himself murdered in 68. FedEx- the mail company, you know? Yes sir : started here too. They still [have] their headquarters in town, right next [to] the airport. And that's a bloody many jets they own, nowadays.

Damn! Even the name of the city is historical. From Egypt or something like that. You know, fancy ancient guys building (them) Pyramids? [I] don't know why [the] founders of the town picked that name, though. It's a great place to be, mark my word!

What? What accent are you talking about? We don't have [any] accent here, for sure!



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